Karen Cummings

Leader of Dance Ministry

Dance Ministry

Cross, Wind & Fire - Gateway´s Dance Team

Cross: Power of God
Wind: Breath of Life
Fire: Unquenchable Love

For the message of the cross… is the power of God. The Lord says, “come from the four winds, oh breath and breathe unto these slain that they may live. And find love as strong as death...Loves flames as flames of fire…unquenchable love. (1. Cor 1:18, Ez 37:9, Song 8:6)
Mission: To minister to the body of Christ and the lost, the power of God, the breath of life and the love of Jesus Christ through the dance. The team meets on Tuesday nights for practice. 

"To see the Word come alive in movement & dance, whether to music or scripture, brings the "sound" of the Gospel to sight; revealing the Truth to the heart!"