Who Do You Say I Am

In this week's message Pastor Bob talks about us having more than one dimension and understanding that people see us in a one dimensional way. Who do you say I am addresses the confusion of how Jesus is seen then and now. 

Where are You Seated?

In this weeks message Pastor Jonathan breaks down Psalm 22:3 in the context of worship and how God is enthroned upon our praises.
Using his own testimony and real life examples, he challenges the church to consider the true intimacy in worship and where we are seated with the Father. We hope you are blessed and encouraged!

Hold Your Tongue

Today pastor Bob explores the subject of faith, a constant reminder that without action following our faith it really isn't effective. We see how our words actually have helped create our current reality. We will close by taking a hard look how we can reshape our words and faith for a better future.

Worship... it's who I am

In this weeks message Pastor Jonathan breaks down two primary ways in which we must return back to the heart of worship. In order to go deeper In corporate and personal worship we must revisit the true purpose of humanity and not view worship as a compartmentalized action performed on Sunday! Worship is who we are not just what we do! 

Strike a Balance

In today's message Pastor Bob reviews the gap formed by moving away from the power of the early church. He challenged each member to study the scriptures that invite us to operate in power. This power is already in each believer, however it is often dormant or untapped.